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Shield Protective Board

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Brand: Ramboard

The TIMco Shield Protective Board has been developed to protect and preserve all hard floor and short twill covered floor surfaces from dust, dirt, spills, sprays and site grime. This FSC certified board is made from recycled compressed fibre board and this innovative protection system is also 100% recyclable and reusable. The TIMco Shield Protective Board is also breathable and can be laid on wooden floors and new concrete and will not trap any moisture therefore allowing the substrate to dry whist protecting it from damage.

Spill Shield - Absorbs and protects from water based paints, silicone sealants, adhesives, PU foam, mud, dust, grime & more

Breathable - Breathable Technology to allow newly laid floors to cure

Durable - Gives a degree of impact and liquid resistance whilst ensuring a clean and scratch free surface below. Ideal for Ideal for protection against muddy boots, plasterers & painters spills and other site waste.

No Residue - Sits securely in place once taped, leaving a clean residue free surface when lifted

Reusable - Can be reused many times. Simply sweep, roll up and use again

Quick Installation - Simply roll out, cut and tape

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