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Urgent Message: New Legislation (England Only) - Effective 1st May 2021


Dear Customer,


The government is introducing new legislation in England on the 1st May 2021 which aims to reduce air pollution, by removing some of the most polluting fuels from sale, (for example, traditional house coal and unseasoned firewood i.e. more than 20% moisture).  The new legislation also requires that winter fuel products sold by all retailers (online and off line) must display a Ready to Burn Logo and Certification Number.  Unfortunately, there has not been enough time to allow new packaging with the new RTB logos and Certification numbers to be produced, packed and distributed and so DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has agreed that manufacturers and retailers can continue to sell their current stocks (which don’t have the new logos on) so long as the RTB logos and Certificates numbers are displayed at the point of sale.


The Fuels which require the new logos and certification numbers are:


  • Smokeless manufactured fuels such as Brazier, Homefire or Ecoal

  • Kiln Dried Wood

  • Kindling

  • Heat logs


To assist with this transition CPL has produced a summary of all the RTB logos and certificates for each of their products.  This is available through the ‘Download Now’ button. This simple to use PDF will allow you to quickly and easily display all the necessary information and ensure you are compliant with the new legislation by the 1st May.    


CPL is in the process of updating all of packaging designs to include the new requirements and we will shortly start to deliver products in the new bags.  However, it is likely to take us until early 2022 to sell through our existing stocks, so the new POS will need to be displayed in store until the end of April 2022.


Simply Click the ‘Download Now’ button, save the PDF to your device, select the pages of the products you sell, then print in either colour or black and white.  Remember to display this sign at the point of sale.


If you have any queries please contact your local Area Sales Manager or call our office on 01623 860 228.


Please follow the link below to download your copy of the CPL Ready to Burn PDF.


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