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AS FROM 16.38 03/11/2020



We are open to trade and public with strict social distance measures in place.

Please respect our Team and other customers and take note of the measures we have enforced within the branches.




With a second national lockdown in place from Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December, we wanted to keep you up to date with how Palladium will be operating.

Based on the Government direction issued by Boris on Saturday evening and the official guidance that followed, you can expect Palladium to be open and operating as we have been for the past few months to provide you with all your building material needs and advice as we enter this new national lockdown.

At Palladium we have led the way throughout with our attention to the necessary measures to reduce the chance of Covid-19 being spread in our branches. We maintain all these and ask once again that you maintain your adherence to everything we have in place. As a reminder:

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times when on our sites;

  • We expect you to wash your hands on entry to our shops – please be thorough;

  • You should maintain 2m separation from anyone else throughout your visit unless there’s good reason not too (such as assisting with loading a bulky/heavy item by hand). In the case of the latter, the time you are at less than 2m from someone else should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Our branches maintain discretion to enhance measures or increase control of entry/exit to both site and shop of the need arises. They will only do this in the event that they believe to not do so would compromise safety. In the event that they do please be patient and comply with direction given.

In the meantime rest assured that our team are in constant conversation with all our suppliers to ensure that we have what you need when you need it. We will advise if there are any key lines that are affected by this latest lockdown, but as it stands today we don’t anticipate any problems.

We will keep you updated throughout both on this webpage and through our social media channels.

Thanks for your understanding and support. This remains a joint effort in which we all have a responsibility,

The Construction Leadership Council have issued their initial statement around the continuation of building works during the forthcoming lockdown. In it they reference the guidance documents from construction industry bodies. Below are the links for your reference as we enter into this next phase:

Construction Leadership Council Site Operating Procedure Guidance:

Federation of Master Builders Guidance for Working Indoors:

Trustmark Safe Working in Homes Guidance:

HBF Charter for Safe Working Practice – Covid-19:

We hope this is useful to you.


Palladium Ltd


Link to full report

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