Code 4 Milled Lead 200mm Wide Per 3 Metre Roll (12 Kg Approx)

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This Code 4 Lead is the perfect product for completing a wide range of roofing projects. It is an extremely versatile and reliable material and able to last up to three times longer than man made alternatives.

Our milled lead is produced to BS EN 12588 standards which the Lead Sheet Association (LSA) offers a 50 year warranty on all lead of this type. The longevity of lead makes this an extremely cost-effective material whilst still being friendly to the environment.

The Lead Sheet Association (LSA) recommends that you use patination oil on all lead installations. This helps to prevent white powdery deposits from forming on the lead and reduces the likelihood of water runoff staining surrounding slates, tiles or brickwork.

Milled Lead - Key Benefits

Milled lead has always been the preferred lead flashing to those in the know:

✔ Easier to work than cast lead

✔ Less likely to split or crack than cast lead

✔ Better looking than cast lead

✔ Code 4 milled lead is of the highest quality. It is the only lead that is fully certificated to British and European BS12588: 2006 standards.

✔ Correctly installed, lead will last over 100 years. This saves you time and money over the long term compared to alternative products.

✔ Roofing lead is fully recyclable (lead has one of the highest recycling rates of all materials in common use today).

To calculate the approximate weight of Rolled Lead Sheet, multiply the length in metres x width in metres x by the Code weight in kg/m2.

  • A roll of Code 5 x 6m x 480mm = 6.0 x 0.48 = 2.88 m2.
  • Code 5 is 25.4 kg per m2
  • 25.4 kg x 2.88 m2 = 73.152 kg, approximately 73 kg
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